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5 Things To Scream Into Because Things Are Too Damned Much Lately


The past week year few years have undeniably been a trash fire. Between literally everything Trump does and the Kavanaugh hearings, it’s been a bit too fucking much for many of us to handle. It’s been enough to leave most of us feeling helpless. However, there is something that we can do: scream. We can scream like an old white guy being asked about his drinking habits under oath. In fact, there are some schools of thought that say screaming is actually good for our health.


As amazing as a long scream can feel, it’s probably best not to scream out where we might disturb others. We’re not all rich white men; not all of us can get away with public tantrums. In that light, here are a few things you can scream into, which should help you keep the peace and avoid being told to “calm down” one more goddamned time.

A Pillow

TKVO/Survivor Pillow – Starkiss Creations

Nothing quite beats the sensation of screaming discreetly into a pillow. Treat yourself, and buy one from your favourite feminist shop specifically for screaming purposes. That way, when you throw it in the washing machine, you can feel the anger be cleansed away. Or at least that’s what you can tell your therapist.

A Vocal Dampener


Much less fun that screaming into a pillow but just as cathartic is screaming into a vocal dampener. These are typically used by singers and actors as a way to warm up their voices without disturbing others around them. You can use it to scream away your frustrations in real time as you tune into CNN.

The Faces of Supervillains


This one is only applicable if you have actual superpowers (or an electronic device mimicking comic book superpowers) and are legitimately fighting supervillains. [Ed. Note: Sexual assailants are considered supervillains for the purpose of this list]

A Megaphone

The Undefeated

I know I said to try to keep your screams in private, lest you alarm others, there is definitely a time to scream in public, and now is it. If you feel comfortable doing so, participate in protests! Join local organizations with social goals that align with yours and fight for what you believe in. Campaign for your local feminist candidate, rally together when there are attack on your freedoms, shout at senators in elevators. It all makes a difference.

Your Telephone


Okay, so don’t exactly scream at the top of your lungs, but make your voice heard. Call your elected official and tell them what you think. If you live in the States, now is a great time to make your voice heard on how you feel about sexual assailants, blatant liars, and ill-tempered individuals with drinking issues sitting on the Supreme Court. Or think on a smaller scale and effect change locally. Take your anger and channel it into a path for change.

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