Single Feature: ‘Fairytales’ by Hannah Sumner and Ibra-heem

Single Feature: 'Fairytales' by Hannah Sumner and Ibra-heem

I was first introduced to Hannah Sumner with her single “How to Stop” earlier this year, and now she’s back with a new song that hooked me from the minute that I heard it.

Her joint release with producer Ibra-heem, “Fairytales,” stays true to its title with its beautiful, dream-like electronic sound. Hannah’s vocals are soft and stunningly hypnotic, which is a perfect balance to the rest of the musical elements. The song has multiple shifting facets, so that every time you hear it, a new and different piece of the beat or vocal will jump out at you.

The singer/songwriter, who is based in Brooklyn, NY, has a versatility to her sound that I appreciate. While “How to Stop” was more pop/soul-leaning, “Fairytales” is a soul and electronic combination.

“Fairytales” also has a message that I think we all need.

“The song is about letting go of what you think life should be so that you can enjoy how beautiful it really is,” Hannah said.

Her sound has been compared to Florence and the Machine, and I would agree that it is an apt comparison. However, Hannah also brings her own style to the table, and that’s what really makes her worth listening to.

Listen to “Fairytales” below:

You can also check out her debut EP, To The Almost, which is available to stream on her SoundCloud:



If you live in or around NYC, Hannah often plays local shows at some of the city’s coolest venues, so keep an eye out for those.

For more on Hannah Sumner, check out her official SoundCloud page, her Facebook page, and her official website.

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