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Amy McGrath Launches Her Kentucky Congressional Campaign With Brilliant Ad

Amy McGrath

Amy McGrath may not be a name you recognize right now, but that is about to change. This Kentucky native has just launched her campaign for her congressional bid, and the first ad to come out packs a serious punch.

Gunning for the seat of Rep. Andy Barr, whom McGrath labels as ‘Mitch McConnel’s handpicked choice’ for the seat, McGrath’s military history truly speaks for itself. She has always known that flying fighter jets and landing on aircraft carriers was her destiny, despite being told over and over again by her congressMEN that they believed women should not be allowed to fight, but rather must be protected. McGrath decided that that answer wasn’t good enough for her, and continued to write her Kentucky representatives, as well as her senator. She never got a response from Mitch McConnell, but did continue to get the same idiotic responses from the men in her state: the law states that women can not be in active combat, PERIOD.

Instead of laying down, McGrath got into the Naval Academy, right when the law was changed. She was a United States Marine for 20 years, flew 89 combat missions bombing Al-Qaeda and the Taliban, and was the first woman marine to fly an F-18 in combat, which she then landed on aircraft carriers. She is an ultimate badass, and she has the full support of The Sirens. In fact, we’re about ready to pack up and move to Kentucky, just so we can vote for her and commit all the voter fraud (kidding… mostly).

I’ll let McGrath’s powerful video do the rest of the talking, but we are so happy to see women of substance like Amy McGrath stepping up to fight the good fight. She gives us hope, and that is a precious resource in these darkest of times.


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