Despite What Others May Tell You, *NSYNC Is The Best Boyband Of All-Time


*NSYNC, or BSB? Any lover of pop music that grew up in the ’90s and has far too much time on their hands will debate their side of this feud for hours. Take, for instance, a seemingly innocuous Facebook post that devolved into 78 comments’ worth of the most epic and petty bickering I’ve ever witnessed. It was glorious.


The great Facebook debate morphed into an admittedly impressive video response from the creator of the Facebook post, our friend Ross over at PSGamer and FingerGuns.

You can check out his video (and his weak-ass arguments) below:


We appreciate Ross’ dedication to the cause but, to put it bluntly, he’s just wrong. The only accurate things stated in this wordy and rambling diatribe were his begrudging praises for *NSYNC. He’s certainly not alone in his opinions, as is evidenced by the subsequent (and misguided) response videos lauding his arguments and agreeing with him.

We at the Sirens have decided to chock it up  to nothing more than a cultural divide, but we stand firm in our rightness.

Because The Sirens ALWAYS work best together, the below video is a joint effort between myself, and our lovely Ashley Perna. I wrote it, and she used her impeccable talent to record the voice-over and create the video. Below you will find our rebuttal to Ross’ ludicrous claims.

After you’ve weighed both arguments, we would love to know where you land in the feud. Make sure you let us know if you’re #TeamNSYNC or #TeamBSB!

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