Don’t Allow Social Media To Make You Feel Inadequate

Don't Allow Social Media To Make You Feel Inadequate

Does anyone know the secret to having it all together?! If you do, PLEASE tell me. I’m asking for a friend.

Seriously, though, I have to constantly remind myself that I’m only in my mid-20s and I do not have to have it all together. In fact, no one really does and we all have moments where we feel like failures. Granted, sometimes that’s harder to believe than it should be when I’m scrolling through my timeline or news feed.

Millennials were introduced to social media in the middle and high school years and, for many of us, it has become almost another limb. We may not even realize how much we’re internalizing. She’s only 22 and already living on her own in a beautiful city. He’s on vacation several times a year. She’s engaged and planning her dream wedding before any of your other friends. The list goes on.

Here’s what we need to keep reminding ourselves, though:

1. Her path, his path, their path — it’s not yours. It wasn’t meant to be yours. You need to continue on your journey, keep an open mind, explore your hobbies, hang out with good people, find a job that doesn’t make you feel like a drone, and LIVE. Just live.

2. Social media is a perception. Everyone tweets, posts, and shares what they want the world to see. No one’s life is perfect, even when they may seem to have everything they want–and everything you think you want.

3. You don’t need social media, and if it’s getting to you, cut it off. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and all the rest of it aren’t necessary. In fact, you may find yourself enjoying your life more without them. Delete the apps whenever you need to. Delete them permanently, even. Don’t let the world make you think that you need to be sharing your life every single day and keeping up with everyone else’s.

4. This may be a bit of a cliche in some ways now, but it’s true: you were given the life you have for a reason, even if none of us have a clue what that reason may be. Make the best of it. Comparisons to everyone else will only serve to hinder the progress that you’re meant to make.

It may seem like the ideal life to have a closet full of designer outfits, a job that involves more play than work, and/or a beautiful house full of kids. And maybe that’s what would make you happy. If it is, then strive for it. Work hard to earn that lifestyle, but don’t let it be because someone else has it. It should be for you.

“Do not compare your journey to anyone else’s. The moment you do is the moment you stop working on yours.” – Gina Rodriguez

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