11 Black Female Celebrities Who Inspire By Rocking Their Natural Hair

11 Black Female Celebrities Who Inspire By Rocking Their Natural Hair

Black women have come a long way in embracing our natural hair. Some of us grew up seeing straight hair as the ideal, using chemical relaxers or hair straighteners to pursue that ideal.

There was one point in my life when I refused to do anything other than straighten my hair; I was intimidated by my own natural texture and hesitant to set it free.

If there’s one thing I’m glad I’ve learned as I’ve gotten older, though, it’s that our natural curls, waves, and everything between, are God-given and beautiful and they DESERVE to be set free, no matter how they present themselves.

Thankfully, there are more and more actresses, singers, and models out there who are embracing their natural hair textures and flaunting it all over their social media pages, on red carpets, and on magazine covers.

These queens deserve a shoutout! Check them out below:

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Of course, this isn’t to say that if you choose to wear your hair straight every once in awhile — or even every day — that you’re wrong or cheating yourself out of something. That’s not true at all, but I encourage you to love your natural hair just as much as you love your straightened hair, wigs, or weaves.

When it comes down to it, your natural hair is always with you, even when all of those other styles aren’t. You deserve that love, your natural hair deserves that love, and it starts with you.

Thank you to these amazing ladies in the spotlight for showing us what natural beauty looks like, and how awesome it is!

I’m always interested in hearing about natural hair journeys and what it’s done for you, your perception of yourself, and your self-confidence. Have any of these women inspired your journey? If you have anything to share with us, please comment below!

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