10 Empowering And Thought-Provoking Gina Rodriguez Quotes That We All Need In Our Lives

Gina Rodriguez quotes, Jane The Virgin

I, like many women, absolutely adore Gina Rodriguez. She’s an actress, a philanthropist, an activist, an entrepreneur, a beautiful, humble, and confident woman — the epitome of what young women should strive for.

Here are some quotes from Gina that we should all have posted somewhere in our bedrooms, tattooed on our foreheads, plastered across billboards in major cities, etc.

1. On her inspiration: “My father used to tell me to say every morning, ‘Today is gonna be a great day. I can and I will.'”

2. On maintaining her integrity as an actress: “I believe that God has a plan for me, but I will not lose my integrity. I can’t take any of this money home with me. I can take the fact that everything I did in my life, I did with no regret and pure love and honesty.”

3. On saying “no” to projects that might compromise that integrity: “As artists, we’re so afraid that if we don’t say ‘yes’ today, there will be no ‘yes’ again tomorrow. I don’t believe that. I refuse to believe that.”

4. On critics labeling her as “not Latina enough”: “I don’t ever look at another Latina and think that she’s not Latina enough. Instead, I think ‘Look at that beautiful sister. How can I contribute to her path? How can she contribute to mine? Because together we can grow.'”

5. On why Jane The Virgin is so important: “If we can create an effect that shows Latinos like the investment bankers, the doctors, the lawyers that exist in my own home, I think that will change the way young girls and boys look at themselves. Especially [in] a society that is so diverse, so beautiful, and so human. We need to remember that we all have the same stories.”

Gina Rodriguez quotes, Jane The Virgin
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6. On when she feels sexy: “I feel sexy when, inside, I know that I can define sexy. [It’s] confidence and strength and independence and class.”

7. On overcoming fear and following your dreams: “There’s no better way to tell others that they can win too [than] by living your dreams. When you follow your dreams, you give others the allowance to do it themselves. Fear only exists between your two ears. Take the world. You got this.”

8. On what makes a good role model: “Somebody that believes that they are enough today. A good role model is anyone who is willing to do the service of others for themselves. What’s gonna be good for the whole vs what’s gonna be good for me? The women that I was inspired by were women that weren’t afraid to speak up for themselves, speak up for others, [and] sacrifice.”

Gina Rodriguez quotes

9. On empowering her fans: “I don’t want people to follow me. I want people to be empowered and lead themselves. I think great leaders create other leaders.”

10. On what women can say to themselves for empowerment: “You are enough today. The second you accept yourself is the second everybody else around you does as well.”

Not only is Gina a fantastic choice for Patron Saint of Feminism this month, I low-key also want her to be my best friend. Admit it — you do, too.

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