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How Do We Love March’s Patron Saint Of Feminism, Gina Rodriguez? Let Us Count The Ways

Gina Rodriguez

I do believe that we chose March’s Patron Saint of Feminism quicker than any other. In our group chat, it was suggested that we pick a Latina this month, so I dropped Gina Rodriguez’s name, and it was an immediate consensus. She is beloved unanimously by The Sirens, even by those who are not familiar with her main claim to fame, “Jane the Virgin.”

It was on JTV that I first became familiar with and, subsequently, helplessly enamored by, Gina Rodriguez. Her character was so intensely likable that I found it disconcerting at times. When I started following Gina herself on social media, I was thrilled to find that she was equally, if not more, dazzling and delightful as a real-life person. Here are just a few of the reasons that Gina is not only a spectacular person and actress, but an exceptional, intersectional feminist, doing some truly amazing things for our movement.

Philanthropy and business

Gina is a remarkably talented actress. So much so that she won a Golden Globe for her performance as Jane Villanueva on the CW’s “Jane the Virgin”. More than that, though, she is smart, driven and has an entrepreneurial spirit.

When Gina was shooting a commercial for Procter and Gamble’s Orgullosa Series, “Nine Up and Coming Nueva Latinas”, she met Catalina Girald. They connected immediately, and opened Naja together, which is a lingerie company that is actually so, so much more than that. They can explain it better than I can, though, which they do beautifully at their website. Here’s a snip:

Gina Rodriguez

Did you read that closely? Let’s just list a few of the ways that this is one of the most impressive mission statements I’ve ever read:

  1. No more overly sexualized ads for garments that are, at their core, everyday necessities
  2. Naja primarily hires female heads of households and single mothers
  3. Because they recruit mothers, they offer flexible schedules to accommodate for the many demands working mothers face
  4. They offer their employees above-market wages and medical benefits
  5. Every. Single. Child. of Naja employees receive books, school supplies, uniforms and every school meal funded by Naja

Gina, Catalina, if you’re reading this and you have a need for remote workers, hit me up. I just updated my resume last week, and I am the breadwinner in my family and have managerial and supervisory experience, as well as myriad other talents and skills I’m sure you will find useful.

Ahem, moving on…

Further investigation of the sleek Naja site showed that this was a business of the future. Not only do they value their employees and try to hire women who may typically struggle to find gainful employment due to personal restrictions, they value and respect the environment:

Gina Rodriguez

You’ve just grabbed your wallet, haven’t you? In the event that you aren’t actually convinced to spend your hard earned money here yet, let me share one more screen snip with you…

Gina Rodriguez

It’s okay, go grab your purse, I’ll wait. I’m usually just a Hanes, bulk-pack-of-cotton-underwear-from-Target girl, but I will be tickled to spend my money at this company, whose founders chose to use their power, prowess, and platform to give back to women throughout the world that need it the most. If that’s not proof that feminism can be a beautiful thing, I don’t know what is.


Sometimes all we need is some goodness around us. We need to be surrounded by people doing good. We need to see artists we admire and respect doing good, and Gina is always doing good. It is clear to anyone with eyes, ears, a pulse, and a beating heart that Gina Rodriguez is ‘good people.’ She is kind, she is compassionate, she is generous, and she genuinely cares about the well-being of others, whether they are friend, acquaintance, or stranger… if you are lucky enough to cross her path, you will see her best and only side, every time. She also happens to be legitimately hilarious, and incredibly smart and intuitive. Just take a look at some of these endearing and adorable Gina videos, that easily explain why she is beloved far and wide, by people from all walks of life.

Kindness and support

As is evidenced by Gina’s twitter page, she uses her time on social media to lift others up and empower their voices. She tweets support and love to fans, colleagues, and friends alike and is unfailingly gracious and kind. More than that, though, she does not avoid important and sometimes uncomfortable conversations. She appreciates that taking the issues head-on is the only way to effect real change. She is by far one of my favorite celebs to follow on social media.

Gina Rodriguez

See? The best.

It’s easy to see why the world loves Gina Rodriguez. She is beautiful, intelligent, kind, and magnanimous. She uses her platform and influence to effect change that goes toward the betterment of impoverished and struggling women. She spreads love and light and invests her energy, time, and resources into healing the world.

We are proud to name Gina Rodriguez our March Patron Saint of Feminism, and look forward to exploring all of the reasons she deserves the honor throughout the month.

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