Night Talks Make Some Noise With Inspiring Single, ‘Cutting Through’

Night Talks, Cutting Through

It’s never been a better time for women to make some serious noise, and “Cutting Through” by Night Talks (Soraya Sebghati, Jacob Butler, Josh and Cris Arteaga) is asserting a message of power that we all really need right now.

The song is inspired by lead vocalist Soraya and her experience rising above in a man’s world, told with vivid imagery in the lyrics against a mellow, intricate rock beat. It has the potential to incite a sing-a-long, while also prompting the listener to really reflect on the lyrics. It’s a refreshing combination.

Soraya’s confident vocals shine through, building in intensity as the song nears its end, blending well with the colorful instrumental crafted by her band members.

“All the stuff I was doing vocally just wasn’t working, and the song almost didn’t make it onto the album. Jacob came up with a great vocal melody at the last moment and saved the song. The majority of the lyrics on the album are about the experiences of my different emotions, and I wanted this to be the culmination of all of it,” Soraya told BuzzBands.la, where Night Talks premiered the single.


“Cutting Through” is the band’s fourth single from In Dreams, their debut album. The album arrives on February 10, 2017.

To celebrate the release of In Dreams, Night Talks are having an album release party this Saturday (Feb. 11) at The Echo in Los Angeles. All ages are welcome, and tickets are only $8.

In Dreams is available for purchase on iTunes.

To stay updated on Night Talks, check out their official website and like their Facebook page. Check out their previous singles on their SoundCloud!

More on Night Talks
Night Talks is an alternative rock band based in Los Angeles, California. With vocals that are equal parts angelic and razor-tipped, bass and drums that drive, and powerful, shimmering guitars, they’ll remind you of the first time you stayed in your room all night listening to a record.
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