Ana Navarro: The Latina, Female, Republican Strategist That May Just Save The GOP

Ana Navarro

Look I’m going to be real honest with you, it’s been a rough 13 months. 2016, also known as the Almostpocalyse, may be over, but we are twenty-eight freaking days into 2017 and already real-life has turned into a hellscape of despair. We are in for a bumpy ride, folks; buckle up.

Throughout the utter horror of the 2016 presidential election, one thing remained constant: my undying love and respect for Ana Navarro.

Ana Navarro is a Republican strategist and commentator, who currently works at CNN, ABC and Telemundo, and has served on several different administrations over the years. Born in Nicaragua, Navarro’s family fled to the United States when she was eight, to escape tyranny. It makes perfect sense that she’s on the front lines fighting it now.

I know it’s atypical for any large grouping of tree-hugging liberals to laud the efforts of conservatives; but that is something I’d like to change. I may not agree with all of Navarro’s personal beliefs and policy stances, but I can appreciate the shit out of a woman brave enough to go on television and stand up to those in her party who put all of their support behind Trump, thereby excusing, if not flat-out encouraging, his hateful, horrifying rhetoric.

Here are just a few of the innumerable reasons I love Ana Navarro, in no particular order:

-Some old white dude called her claims of Trump being racist “outrageous,” but she refused to yield, and in fact doubled down, calling him racist again, this time in two languages:

-After recordings leaked of Trump telling Billy Bush that he can just “grab them [women] by the pussy” because of his ‘star status’, she refused to censor herself when her fellow pundits were uncomfortable with her repeating Trump’s foul language:

– She disagreed with many of the things Hillary Clinton said, did, and stood for, but chose country over party, and voted for Clinton anyway. Oh, then she made it public, explaining her choice, and owning it fully. You can read her open letter here.

-She makes Twitter a much more intelligent, sane, reasonable, happy place:

Ana Navarro

That escalated quickly, but it’s okay; she has earned the copy.

Thank you, Ana, for not being afraid to stand up for what you believe and battling injustice at every turn. You are a fierce, fiery woman and we are proud and honored to stand by your side in this fight.

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