The Sirens Rise: The Birth Story Of Our Project Of Empowerment

The Sirens Rise

It started long ago, but my desire to focus my attention and resources on a feminist project really came to a head on November 8, 2016. I imagine already many of you are rolling your eyes, and that’s okay. I understand that there are countless people in this country and the world that vehemently disagree with everything I stand for. I may not understand your opposition to my beliefs on a personal level, but I appreciate that opposition is a crucial part of life.

That being said, November 8 was the day when my convictions finally caught up with me. I knew it was time to throw in the towel on my current project, and commit myself fully to a new venture. Thus, The Sirens Rise was born. Without even really thinking about it, I knew it was going to be about the celebration of women. In politics, in education, in the arts, in business, in activism. We were going to celebrate mothers, and partners and marriage and single life. We were going to celebrate ALL women, from every walk of life, color, ethnicity, sexual orientation, the devout and the atheists, the Muslims, the Christians, the Buddhists, the Sikh. The every woman, the powerful woman, the caregivers, the bosses, the stay-at-home-moms.

I know from personal experience that women empowering women is the only way we all succeed. Rather than passing judgment on the choices we make, let’s embrace each other for our individuality, and trust that everyone is ultimately capable of making their own decisions, and as long as no harm is being done, we should respect their right to do so.

The Sirens Rise
Libby Vanderploeg

You will also see a lot of editorials about our own life experiences. We are mothers, wives, girlfriends, professionals, dreamers, artists, sisters, daughters, nerds and come from all different walks of life, countries, states and ethnicities. We aim to bring a diverse and unique voice into the endless stratosphere that is the internet and pump a little bit of positivity into the vast darkness of online anonymity.

The women who helped bring this project to life awe me daily. Most of us have never met in person, but I adore them all as if we have seen each other every day for most of our lives. They give me the hope and strength I need to keep fighting the good fight.

My personal goal behind The Sirens Rise was to learn. I am a white, middle-class woman who lives a moderately comfortable life. My privilege is astounding. I never want to be blinded by it. I want to learn about the struggles that women of color face, which far surmount my own. I want to be informed about what trans women go through, trying to find their place among our movement. More importantly, I want to ensure that, at least in my little slice of the interwebs, no woman is forgotten by feminism ever again. 

The Sirens Rise
Michelle Dawson/The Sirens Rise

I hope that you find something here that moves you, that speaks to your experience(s) and your soul. I hope that you’ll share our stories, so that we may touch more women, and find more allies throughout the world; we are ready to fight by your side, and battle those that would try to oppress us.

We chose The Sirens because we liked the symbolism of the icon. And no, the intent is not to lure men to their deaths with our song. Rather that, underestimating the power of determined, smart, empowered women working together toward a common cause has never served anyone well. We will never falter, and we will never give up. We have the power to move mountains, but no one can support that gargantuan responsibility on their shoulders alone. As a wise, determined woman once taught us, that shit takes a village.

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