A Heartfelt Thank You Message To The Obama Family

The Obama family

Where do I even begin?! Today (January 20) marks the end to the Obama administration — eight years of struggle, progress, and success.

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are two people with so many qualities that many of us should aspire to have in spades — intelligence, dignity, poise, morality.

As Congress pushed against him at every turn, President Obama stuck to his beliefs. He fought to bring advantages to the disadvantaged, and to make this country what it’s meant to be: the land of the free.

Was he the perfect President? No, he wasn’t. However, I feel that he tried his very best to achieve his goals, and to make those goals beneficial to the entire nation.

A natural and articulate orator, he held us all captive during his speeches.

He made strides that no one could have ever imagined over his two terms, although his critics continue to scream otherwise. He changed many lives for the better, including myself.

I could never thank him enough for giving me opportunities that I didn’t have before his Presidency. I’m living a better life because of him, and I know there are thousands who can say the same.

First Lady Michelle Obama is a beacon of light who stood up for women and children throughout her husband’s administration as if she were born for the role. As President Obama has said time and again, she didn’t ask for this.

However, she made the very best of it and we’re all forever changed by her humility and grace.

The Obama Family

No other family will occupy that White House the way the Obamas did. Their service wasn’t plagued by scandal or inappropriate behavior. No matter how hard people tried to discredit or insult them, they always shone brighter.

Thank you for standing up for those who were ignored for so many years.

Thank you for repairing the economy, for giving the millennial generation hope that we’ll be able to provide for our own children.

Thank you for encouraging young people to remember that we matter, that our ideas and actions matter.

Thank you for remaining good, humble people to your very core, even when faced with such intense opposition.

Thank you for choosing the right people to stand by your side — Vice President Joe Biden and Second Lady Jill Biden are as much a reflection of the great things this country can do as you are.

Thank you for reminding us of this country’s potential to be great.

When he first approached the national spotlight, President Obama said, “Yes, we can.”

The Obama family

As he steps off of that stage, we can all say, “Yes, we did.”

Thank you, President Barack Obama. This country is better because of you.

Watch his farewell speech from January 10 below.

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