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Dream, Girl: A Documentary Encouraging Women To Unite, Lead, And Succeed

Dream, Girl

Unfortunately, we still live in a world where women and girls are constantly underestimated. That’s one of the many reasons The Sirens Rise even exists in the first place.

A documentary called Dream, Girl, is making it clear that we shouldn’t be underestimated — in fact, all of us have powerful voices inside with the potential to change the world.

All we have to do is listen to those voices and then take the steps to make them heard.

Directed by Erin Bagwell and produced by her co-founder Komal Minhas, Dream, Girl tells the stories of several female entrepreneurs throughout the country.

It’s powerful and beautifully told, highlighting the positive and negative experiences each of these women encountered as they started their businesses. Shots of New York City (where Bagwell and Minhas are based) and colorful stop motion animations are cut between the interviews, making it a very visually appealing piece as well.

Dream, Girl
Dream, Girl

Bagwell got her inspiration for the documentary from a community of feminists she met online, many of whom are featured in it. There’s an atmosphere of unity and positivity in all of these stories that, probably now more than ever, women need to see.

The message is overt in some places and subtle to others, but easily recognizable: Women can do absolutely anything, and the possibilities are endless when we support and encourage one another.

The idea of community especially resonated with me.

Too often, particularly when they’re in the spotlight and covered by the media, women are forced to compete. Instead, let’s replace it with the idea that women can achieve their dreams, be successful, and form a network for one another.

Dream, Girl is currently being screened in multiple cities around the world.

For information about an official screening near you, or how to host your own, visit the documentary’s official website

Watch the trailer below.

More about Dream, Girl
Dream, Girl was filmed in New York City during the fall and winter of 2014 by Erin Bagwell, Komal Minhas, Mary Perrino, Victoria Ng, Francesca Kusta, Diasy Zhou, and Sharon Mashihi. Women comprised 17% of all directors, writers, producers, executive producers, editors, and cinematographers working on the top 250 grossing films of 2014. While our mission is to share the stories of powerful entrepreneurs on camera, we also wanted to support the amazing women behind the camera – so Erin Bagwell hired an incredible all girl crew to get the job done.
[Source: dreamgirlfilm.com]

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