8 Reasons We’ll Miss Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama

Nevermind politics. Come the inauguration, we will have a national tragedy on our hands.

Michelle Obama will be leaving the White House.

**initiates moment of silence**

Here are eight reasons we will miss Michelle Obama’s presence

She danced

Michelle Obama

Okay, sometimes she danced like a mom — but a cool mom.

She cared about what we ate

Michelle Obama
Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP

I’m sure you remember the nasty things that passed as school lunches back in the day. Mrs. Obama likes vegetables and wants our kids to like them, too.

She had flawless style

Michelle Obama
Mike Theiler/Reuters

I mean, really?

She encouraged us to make every day Arm Day

Michelle Obama
Cliff Owen/AP

I need to know her routine. Can someone get me her personal trainer’s number?

She gave good speech

Michelle Obama
J. Scott Applewhite/AP

She’s so articulate, and she moved many to tears with her 2016 DNC speech.

She encouraged girls to get educated

Michelle Obama
The White House

She knows that education leads to many forms of freedom, so her Let Girls Learn initiative was important worldwide.

She and Barack were totally #relationshipgoals

Michelle Obama
Pete Souza

They’ve been married 24 years, and he still looks at her like he’s seen nothing more beautiful.

She always kept it classy

Michelle Obama
Evan Vucci/AP

“When they go low, we go high.” AMEN, SISTER.

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